Advanced technical services to diagnose Gastrointestinal Conditions

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Here at Gastro Star, we are dedicated to providing exceptional clinical care and service for patients and referring physicians in the San Antonio area. We strive to offer timely access in our offices to ensure continuity of care.

We are pleased to serve you, and hope that you find the information in this website to be useful. Feel free to call us with any questions.


Our Mission

Providing the Gastroenterology services to the community including Colon Cancer prevention with highest quality care, compassionate, affordability and accessibility.

Here's what people are saying about us

"Dr. Sharma was able to diagnose a rare liver problem and a friend of mine. He flew back and forth between Houston and San Antonio to help with his patient. Which is way beyond the call of duty. He also helped organize a team to deal with this rare condition. And then he would fly back home to San Antonio. Those of you that live in San Antonio should be very grateful you have this doctor in your area."
"I would like to give a sincere Shout Out! to Dr. Desh Sharma who assisted me on Friday when I was having severe abdominal pain and couldn't get an appointment to see my GI Doctor. Dr Sharma did a quick examination and sent me for a CT Scan. He went above and beyond by calling me that night to give me the results and prescribing medications for me..."
"Dr. Sharma, I am so thankful you took my case. You made me a promise that you would not stop looking until you found out what was wrong with me & you kept your promise. I am so thankful & honored that you became my doctor & turned my life & body around. I appreciate you so much & very thankful for all you did for me."
Outstanding! Thanks for everything: I'm sure glade Dr Ramos recommend Dr Sharma for my procedure: I have known Dr Ramos since I was about 33 years old: In fact he has done more than three colonoscopy on me: He is very knowledgeable in his field of work: you can never go wrong with him: He is just one beautiful person: I'm glad that although he's retiring he will still be doing TEL-Med and colonoscopies: God Bless Him: Mr Robert J Garza 11-24-30

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