What Is the Best Treatment for Hepatitis A, B and C?

Hepatitis is an inflammatory condition that targets and affects the liver. And because the liver plays a vital role in our bodies, this is a condition that needs immediate medical attention. So, the question of the day is, ‘What is the best treatment for Hepatitis A, B and C?”

Read on for some helpful tips on how to treat these types of Hepatitis.

There is no specific treatment for Hepatitis A infection. According to the gastroenterologists at Gastro Star in San Antonio, your body will clear the infection on its own. All you need to do is give your body enough rest, enough fluids (not alcohol) and enough fruits and vegetables. For patients who struggle with nausea, the doctors will recommend something to manage it. 

With this type of Hepatitis, treatment will depend on how serious the condition is. Short-term Hepatitis (acute Hepatitis B) may not require special treatment. However, at Gastro Star clinic, we help the patients manage the infection by treating their symptoms.  

On the other hand, long-term or chronic Hepatitis B requires special medication to reduce the symptoms and keep the infection under control. The treatment for chronic Hepatitis B, which includes doses of pegylated interferon and ribavirin, can take up to 6 months and sometimes, liver transplant will be the best treatment. 

This type of Hepatitis is said to be the leading cause of liver cancer in the world. The main cause of this type of infection is coming into contact with contaminated blood and in some cases, sexual intercourse with an infected person. 

Treating chronic Hepatitis C is not easy, but the good news is, the virus is curable. As a patient, you will be subjected to weekly injection of pegylated interferon alfa drug and additional oral doses of ribavirin daily.Do not panic just because the doctors say they detect Hepatitis in your blood. The right medical treatment for Hepatitis A, B and C awaits you at Gastro Star Clinic in San Antonio. Our gastroenterologists understand the seriousness of the viruses and are ready walk with you through your journey to recovery.