Professional Advice When Prepping for Gastro Intestinal Procedures

There is a wide range of tests and procedures that your gastro specialist can recommend. However, the most common gastro intestinal procedures are colonoscopy and endoscopy. So, today, we choose to focus on the two procedures. 

These two procedure require the insertion of a tube-like apparatus with a camera attached to it. During endoscopy procedures, the gastroenterology physicians insert the tube through your mouth for purposes of examining your upper GI system. On the other hand, the tube goes through your rectum during a colonoscopy procedure for the purposes of examining your rectum and large intestines. 

Before you can book your appointment with the best doctor for gastroenterology at the Gastro Star treatment center, here are some basic yet important things you should do before your procedure.

What to do before endoscopy

What to do before colonoscopy

A final point to note is that these two procedures are not easy. Your overall wellbeing is important before, during and after any gastroenterology services or procedures. It is for this reason that all patients who are scheduled for either of the procedures at Gastro Star are advised to have a licensed driver who can drive them to and from the treatment center.